How can I contribute to the KAA?

What is the KAA?

The Knife Art Association (KAA) was established in 2013 as a not-for-profit organisation, run by it’s members to promote custom knife making and support makers in Australia. 

The KAA is funded by the revenue of the shows that it runs and other fundraising activities.


If you would like to contribute to the KAA there are four majors ways you can do so.

Come to a Show

The KAA's major source of revenue for our programs is gained from the Shows we run. Currently our shows include Queensland Knife Show, Perth Knife Show, Sydney Knife Show and the Australian Blade Symposium.

Attending any of these shows as an exhibitor or an attendee helps the association continue to grow and improve our events.

Make a Donation

The KAA is a not for profit organisation working for the knife making community.

If you'd like to make a donation to the association to help us continue that work you can do so here.

Make a Donation

Get involved in one of our Raffles

These raffles were designed to promote Australian Custom Knife Makers while raising funds to continue awesome work the association is doing to grow and support the Australian Knife Making Industry.

All raffled knives are purchased from Australian Custom Knife Makers.

If you're interested in getting involved you can see our current raffles here.


Join the KAA

This option is not for everyone, or for most.

All applications to join the Knife Art Association are submitted to the committee for consideration, strong  consideration is given to applicants that have relative skills and experience in our areas of operation. 

Membership in the KAA is agreeing to pay for the priveledge of volunteering your time to support the Knifemaking Industry in Australia for no gain, whatsoever period.

The KAA does not allow membership for the sake of membership and given the rules of membership, membership is not for everyone.

If you still feel like you'd like to apply to join the KAA you can do so here.

Join the KAA