Sydney Knife Show


The Sydney Knife Show is Australia’s largest knife show, featuring a diverse array of knives, tools and supplies from manufacturers, knifemakers, collectors, dealers and associated industries all under one roof. The show has been a great success since 2014, gaining popularity and attracting more and more visitors and exhibitors each year. If you are into knives and other edged tools, you owe it to yourself to put this weekend into your diaries.

In addition to being able to purchase a hand-made knife from Australia's leading craftsmen, join us for two full days of knifemaking, bladesmithing and other knife-related demonstrations. With a focus on the education and entertainment of attendees, the weekend highlights the quality and creativity of Australian custom knifemakers, local and international production knives as well as manufacturing equipment and accessories.

Tickets to the Show are available online below and at the door. 

Tickets are valid for both days of the show.

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