The Australian Blade Symposium brings together the very best of  knife making in Australia. If you have an interest in edged tools  and how they are made, then this is the premier event for you.  From the beginner to the advanced, the Symposium will have  something for everyone.  

Learn from some of Australia’s very best knife makers and  bladesmiths as they share their secrets to manufacturing the  perfect knife. See blades get forged and ground and learn the  intricacies of the heat treatment. Learn to fit handles and new  methods to finish your blades from some of Australia’s best.  

Along with the learning based sessions, the Symposium is known  for bringing the community together where you’ll be able to meet  other knife makers and bladesmiths, share your experiences and  get involved in the social dinners on Friday and Saturday nights.  We also encourage all attendees to bring their work and take part  in a mini knife show and market place on Saturday night.


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